4 Star Luxury Hotel Sardinia

A magical hotel 15 minutes from the sea! Awarded best hotel in Sardinia, Tartheshotel is happy to welcome you into its refined and magical setting. Main features of the Tartheshotel are the restaurant, swimming pool and gardens, in addition to the best rooms in Sardinia. Located in Guspini, next to the Costa Verde, famous for the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, the 4-star hotel is a luxurious oasis of wellness and relaxation in the Sardinian wilderness. Tartheshotel is only 15 minutes from the sea and offers you the possibility to visit different beaches, free or equipped! We will be happy to reserve umbrellas and chairs for you!

The name Tarthesh

Tartessos: the name by which the Greeks indicated the far West, which means “Metals Refinery”; mythological emporium of delights and rare goods, was the only known place to the west of the mythical city of Atlantis. Also mentioned 21 times in the Bible (Isaiah 23.6 “Cross over to Tarshish, wail inhabitants of the coast.”), some think it was in Spain, others propose a revolutionary thesis situating it in Sardinia. From this fascinating hypothesis derives the name of the 4-star hotel in Sardinia, Tarthesh, mythical place, the Eden that the ancients were looking for over the famous Pillars of Hercules, the famous border of the ancient world, Altantide. The Tarthesh Luxury Hotel, who dresses in the seductions of the ancient myth, owns and encodes it in the canons of hospitality with its fruity and spicy taste, intoxicating and emotional as the flavors, the aromas of the Mediterranean embraces Sardinia. In the “magic box” of Tarthesh emanates a heady cocktail of perfumes, essences and herbs that spread out and make it unique.

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