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I spent a week in this beautiful hotel where the atmosphere is magical. Everything is accurate in every detail, superb hospitality, very special atmosphere…


“5 well-deserved points”
Me and my family stayed at Tartesh hotel for a total of 13 days, but we didn’t get bored at all: the hotel is wonderful with regard to both the accommodation and the swimming pool. It’s relatively close to all the most pbeutiful beaches on the Costa Verde. a


“Tarthes hotel guspini close to costa verde”
great hotel, exceeded our expectations.
Very tasteful furnishings, including small details, an oasis of peace and tranquility in an urban context is not so relevant. However, it was a nice surprise, which allowed us to discover a part of Sardinia not yet ruined by construction and real estate development.
Great restaurant, both for the food and the atmosphere. Beautiful cellar in which to pass an evening. I liked that the breakfast in the morning included some local meats and cheeses, instead of the more generic products which can be found everywhere.
The staff and owner are always polite and professional.


It was like being in paradise”
The building is excellently curated , elegant. The greenery that surrounds it and the pool are spectacular. Staff were friendly and always available.


It wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last…”
I travelled the length and breadth of Sardinnia with a group of friends, we stopped in Guspini for three days and we found ourselves at Tartheshotel exactly as we expected.
Very nice hotel, restaurant with various choices of both typical Sardinian dishes and international cuisine. The last evening with aperitif and typical Sardinian dinner was the best, an aperitif in the cellar with wine tasting and Sardinian delicacies, followed by dinner with typical Sardinian specialties.

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