Restaurant and Sardinian Wine Bar

Mens sana in corpore sano.  The true gem of Tartheshotel is the refined Restaurant, ideal for romantic candlelit dinners, work dinners, fine banquets and receptions. For those who love classic dishes, Tartheshotel offers a picturesque location: the Sardinian Wine Bar, perfect for tasting classic dishes and for reserved dinners in a lovely environment. In addition the Restaurant and Wine Bar, at Tartheshotel you can try different local dishes, all prepared traditionally. Another unmissable event is the poolside barbecue. Tartheshotel also organises Cookery Courses, with experts who pass on the passion and art of Sardinian cooking. Elegant and refined, a large fireplace is situated at the entrance to the restaurant, creating a magical atmosphere. The sophisticated Lounge music in the background harmonically combines the hypnotic lapping of the water that trickles from the back wall, as well as the square basalt and trachyte pillars.