Bernardo De Muro

There are projects that arise from knowledge,
there are projects that arise from ideas,
there are projects that arise from wonder.
I experienced the wonder from the first moment and
Tarthesh offered me a divine portion
in the tones, the colours, the harmony.
When parking, I heard the noise of the pebbles,
and breathed in their dust. I said to myself: the usual place,
I’ll have to adapt to a knowledge already lived.
Then, entering Tarthesh, a magic hand
takes you by surprise and immerses you in the silence.
Fugues of columns in the form of black and white pillars,
carpets, tapestries, bottomless pots, antique tracks.
A young man named Ettore, but perhaps “Ettorre”,
calm voice, calm and measured gestures,
equally calm in his pauses. Even his bushy whiskers
are discrete and depicting; his gait is Achaean
and sharp-witted. Where am I, and why
have I never stopped upon this place before?
And Ettore: “Tarthesh is ground from the silver veins
of us here, to the keepers of memory, and breath.”
I think back to obsidian Cossyra, the simplicity
of lines, the sounds of silence, the rush of the wind.
The dawn of the advancing night,
advancing with his praises and his pounding heart.
And suddenly I see the agora of the mystery of word.
Fiancheggerò Tisia and Corax and the old Gorgias.
Now I know why, I’m here, among the the silver veins
and smiles of the moon. And I will not be an unprepared visitor.

From philosophy to feasability

GUESTS, the extent and the size

LEADERSHIP, the idea and the dream

COSTUME, values and patience

COOKING, tradition and continuity

ARTS AND CRAFTS, hand and mind

LANDSCAPE, the sea and the earth

FRAGRANCES, from the must to the myrtle

ENTERTAINMENT, nature and enchantment

SAUNA, the invigorating and the relaxing

FILM, the past and the present

FAMILY, hospitality and stringency.

And so we are… TARTHESH

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